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Not that long ago, computers were almost unknown within the sewn goods industry. But that's changed in the last few years, and now they go along like peanut butter and jelly. Here are a few of the top jobs.

Business Systems Analyst
This person is responsible for using computers to organize, manage and streamline the company's processes and procedures. This can involve a wide range of duties, from accounting to payroll systems. The business systems analyst must have excellent technical and analytical abilities, and the ability to apply functional and technical knowledge to real world situations.

Design CAD Specialist

This person uses the computer as a design tool, creating innovative ideas and concepts, or translating the work of others to the computer. He or she can quickly change a design to see how a particular color or pattern might look. The design CAD specialist must have excellent computer skills, and a full understanding of computer-animated drawing programs. He or she must also have excellent spatial and creative abilities.

Like programmers in any industry, those in the sewn goods field design and develop programs to automate specific processes and functions. These programs help employees in other departments perform their jobs more quickly and efficiently. By analyzing information, programmers also help provide resources to aid managers in decision making. Programmers need excellent computer and programming abilities, as well as analytical skills, and the ability to understand customer needs.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Manager

This person supervises computer grading and pattern making operations. This involves use of modular teams, encoding UPC and EDI applications, and electronic tracking of global customer orders. The computer integrated manufacturing manager must have excellent communication, leadership, and organizational skills. He or she must also have top-notch computer and analytical abilities.


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