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Designers create ideas for new styles of clothing, fabric or accessories. Designers work at every level of the industry, from the top fashion firms to volume companies. As you'll see, there are also different types of designers.


Fashion Designer
A designer uses the latest trends and styles to create a company's garments for the next season. He or she does this by drawing a large variety of sketches for a given type of clothing, which are then winnowed down to the best few choices. Designers must have strong artistic abilities with a good sense of color and an excellent knowledge of pattern making. This position requires experience, usually as an assistant designer.

Textile Designer

Textile designers help guide fashion even before a single item is produced. It's their patterns that show up on garments, draperies and home furnishings. Textile designers develop the patterns, weaves, and colorations that appear on fabrics. They must be creative, and have a strong knowledge of textiles and fabric construction, and a good sense of color. Textile designers must also have strong computer skills.

Graphics Designer

Not all designers create garments or fabric. Graphics designers create the look and feel that accompanies a product, including designs for brands, logos, packaging, and labels. They help define the company's overall image with consumers, and their work is seen in print ads and television commercials. Graphics designers must have strong artistic abilities, creativity, computer skills, and marketing sense.


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