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Managers oversee the thousands of people involved in designing, manufacturing and distributing products. While you need plenty of experience to be a manager, the opportunities and financial reward are also greater.

Division Manager

The division manager oversees the other managers listed below. He or she manages and directs the major operations of the company, and is responsible for "big picture" items like profitability, and meeting (or exceeding) overall production targets. The division manager is also responsible for making sure that other managers are doing their jobs, from meeting department goals to maintaining employee morale. Obviously, the division manager needs many years of experience, as well as excellent leadership and organizational skills. He or she must also be an effective and persuasive communicator.

Brand Manager

This person is the shepherd for a particular product or line, and is responsible for its performance. Obviously, the brand manager must have an expert grasp of what that product or line is about. He or she must also know how to perform trend and market analysis, and how to use consumer and product research to effectively measure results. Brand managers must be creative and need to have exceptional organizational and leadership skills.


Computer Integrated Manufacturing Manager

This person supervises computer grading and pattern making operations. This involves use of modular teams, encoding UPC and EDI applications, and electronic tracking of global customer orders. The computer integrated manufacturing manager must have excellent communication, leadership, and organizational skills. He or she must also have top-notch computer and analytical abilities.

Cost Control Manager

This person insures profitable performance by the company by monitoring the budgetary performance of all functional business within the enterprise against specified company goals. The cost control manager must have excellent mathematical, analytical and accounting abilities. He or she must also have strong communication, organizational and leadership skills.


Distribution Center Manager

The distribution center manager coordinates all warehouse activities. These include managing the inventory (the actual stock of finished product), and the distribution system (such processes as automation, scanning and tracking). By effectively controlling the inventory, the distribution center manager can make sure that stock is quickly sent to stores and customers. He or she needs outstanding organizational and analytical skills, as well as strong leadership and communication abilities.

Finance Manager

The finance manager establishes accounting practices and controls throughout the company. He or she also determines cash flow and develops financial reports to maintain the fiscal viability of the company. The finance manager needs to have excellent mathematical and analytical abilities, as well as strong communication, organizational and leadership skills.


HR Manager

The HR manager is responsible for issues that directly affect all employees, including job satisfaction, morale, safety, and education and training. He or she is responsible for hiring and orienting new employees, and must stay on top of policies and procedures. The HR manager must have good people and leadership skills, as well as excellent communication and organizational abilities.

Logistics Manager

The logistics manager keeps things moving on and off the manufacturing floor, whether it's the materials used to manufacture a garment, or the finished product itself. He or she must coordinate and implement deliveries and pick-ups throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. The logistics manager needs strong organizational and analytical abilities, as well as leadership and communication skills.


Operations Manager

The operations manager coordinates all functions and activities within the manufacturing process. He or she oversees all other production personnel, and must determine where changes or adjustments in the process are needed. The operations manager needs years of experience, and strong organizational and analytical skills, as well as expert leadership and communication abilities.

Quality Assurance Manager

This person makes sure the manufacturing process is running smoothly, and that the product is up to standards. The quality assurance manager monitors internal and external construction of the product as well as the status of processes and systems. He or she also oversees such items as contractors, supplier certifications, ISO 9000, and Total Quality Management. The quality assurance manager needs strong organizational and analytical abilities, and must be an effective leader and communicator.


Product Development Manager

This person takes garments from the drawing board to the consumer. The product development manager oversees the entire process, and manages the other people involved in product development. He or she is in charge of a company's product lines, and meets the needs of retailers. A product development manager must have a great deal of experience, know every aspect of the development process, and have strong leadership abilities.

Production Manager

The production manager puts all the pieces together in order to manufacture a product. He or she is responsible for procuring raw materials and labor, while managing production schedules, employee interactions and product delivery. The production manager must have excellent communications skills, organizational and analytical abilities, and be a strong leader.


Transportation Manager

This person manages raw materials coming into the plant, and products leaving the plant. Both the materials and the finished product may involve domestic or international transportation arrangements. The transportation manager needs excellent command of logistics, as well as superior organizational and analytical abilities. He or she should also be an effective leader and communicator.


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