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Ever wonder why you know so much about certain companies or products? It's most likely the result of effective marketing. Just like cola or cars, the sewn goods industry markets its products to consumers around the world.

Sales Rep

This person is responsible for marketing a product or company directly to customers. Whether meeting with individual consumers or representatives of large stores, the sales rep must effectively present his or her product, and (hopefully) persuade the customer to buy it. The sales rep must have complete knowledge of the product or services he or she is presenting, and must communicate well with others, gaining their trust and respect.

Direct Marketer

The direct marketer uses specialized methods to inform and persuade consumers. They may be responsible for mailings of catalogs or special offers, or may utilize new technology, such as e-commerce and Web sites. By researching their market niche and knowing their products, direct marketers can reach much larger audiences than traditional sales reps. They must have a strong background in marketing and new technology, as well as excellent people skills.

Brand Manager

This person is the shepherd for a particular product or line, and is responsible for its performance. Obviously, the brand manager must have an expert grasp of what that product or line is about. He or she must also know how to perform trend and market analysis, and how to use consumer and product research to effectively measure results. Brand managers must be creative and need to have exceptional organizational and leadership skills.

Customer Service Rep

This person is, quite literally, a company's first line of defense when things go wrong, providing customer support. The customer service rep solves problems, resolves concerns, and must always maintain a positive image of his or her company. They must have a tolerance for stress, and a knack for analytical and creative thinking.


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