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There are many different types of jobs within the sewn goods industry. In this section, we'll examine a few of the people who help put together the products that others design and sell.


This person is responsible for establishing the methods by which a product is manufactured. The engineer performs a range of duties, such as developing specifications for jobs, establishing production methodologies and streamlining the production process. He or she must have strong analytical and mathematical abilities, and expert knowledge of the manufacturing environment.

Production Manager

The production manager puts all the pieces together in order to manufacture a product. He or she is responsible for procuring raw materials and labor, while managing production schedules, employee interactions and product delivery. The production manager must have excellent communications skills, organizational and analytical abilities, and be a strong leader.

Quality Assurance Manager

This person makes sure the manufacturing process is running smoothly, and that the product is up to standards. The quality assurance manager monitors internal and external construction of the product as well as the status of processes and systems. He or she also oversees such items as contractors, supplier certifications, ISO 9000, and Total Quality Management. The quality assurance manager needs strong organizational and analytical abilities, and must be an effective leader and communicator.


Schedulers oversee the many interactions that go into manufacturing a product. They coordinate activities, teams, modules and self-directed work groups. Schedulers are responsible for increasing or decreasing the amount of labor needed to meet production schedules. They need to have strong analytical and organizational skills, and excellent networking abilities.

Operations Manager

The operations manager is the Big Kahuna, the person who coordinates all functions and activities within the manufacturing process. He or she oversees all the other positions examined in this section, and must determine where changes or adjustments in the process are needed. The operations manager needs years of experience, and strong organizational and analytical skills, as well as expert leadership and communication abilities.

Logistics Manager

The logistics manager keeps things moving on and off the manufacturing floor, whether it's the materials used to manufacture a garment, or the finished product itself. He or she must coordinate and implement deliveries and pick-ups throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. The logistics manager needs strong organizational and analytical abilities, as well as leadership and communication skills.


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